The paper paycheck is on its way out.

Direct Deposit saves money, time and paper.

At TAC Financial, our mission is to provide un-banked and underserved working adults affordable financial and benefit services for both themselves and their families. As an employer, we invite you to be our partner in providing affordable financial and wellness benefits to hard-working adults who find themselves excluded and ostracized from mainstream financial and benefit corporations during this current economic downturn.

Our premiere service, The Americas Card, a direct deposit Visa® prepaid payroll card, provides hard working adults with a safe, secure and convenient way of receiving pay and managing their money electronically.

Employers who implement The Americas Card eliminate the use of paper and lower payroll costs associated with managing a paper payroll process while increasing employee loyalty. The Americas Card is a perfect solution for employers striving to lower their costs while giving their employees access to the financial services they need.

TAC Financial, Inc. is trying to ease the financial burden of American adults during the current economic downturn by offering affordable and accessible financial services, like discounted healthcare, auto insurance and The Americas Card, to people who would otherwise not be able to receive them.

How do my employees benefit from The Americas Card?

To serve this large, fragmented, growing and under-served segment, TAC Financial, Inc. provides easily attainable services targeted to varied income levels. These services include:

  • A Direct Deposit Visa Debit Card (no financial or credit qualification needed)
  • Non-Qualified and Qualified Affordable Healthcare Programs
  • Account Management Services online, by smartphone and through automated phone system
  • Discount auto insurance and driver’s assistance products

Employers, we want to meet you.

Send us a message, and a member of our client relations team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how TAC Financial can be beneficial to you, your company and your employees.

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